Facial Acupuncture

$ 100

60 minsRates apply to cash payments only

Note: No-show fee of $85.00 

Most people know that acupuncture involves needles placed at various points in the body.   Needles are placed strategically and with great intention and care for the purpose of recovering balance to the body.  In Chinese Medicine, the body is understood to be an expression of the meridian or channel system which is the way the body operates and is organized.  These channels are responsible ultimately for regulating the body and maintaining balance.  When there are imbalances to these systems, people perceive this as symptoms, such as any kind of pain, or anything that makes us feel unwell.  When things are flowing better in the channels, we perceive this as feeling very good.  It is our aim through acupuncture to bring optimum wellness to the body through reducing imbalances.

Through acupuncture, we stimulate and regulate the body along these meridians or channels.  The meridians pass through not only the various organ systems, but also every aspect of the body such as muscle, tendon, and bone.  Because we can access the different parts of the body through the meridian system, we can be successful treating a wide variety of conditions.   In our experience people often are not familiar with the wide variety of conditions that Chinese Medicine can successfully treat.  There are many lists from Institutions such as the World Health Organization that can help people understand the uniquely wide range of treatable conditions using these methods.