Cupping is sometimes referred to as a ‘reverse massage’ because of the unique way in which the cups lift the muscles of the body upwards instead of the muscles being pushed down as they often are in massage.  In addition to releasing muscular tension, cupping also releases and relaxes the fascial layer.  We use traditional glass cups to perform both running and stationary cupping.  This technique has a fascinating history in most cultures of the world including ancient Greece, China, and Egypt.  We use this technique in the clinic on a daily basis as a complement to our acupuncture treatments.  When used correctly, cupping can dramatically reduce the healing time for most injuries and is also excellent in the treatment of chronic pain, stress and respiratory issues.

Our colleague Michael Max in St. Louis MO has an excellent FAQ about cupping that he generously shared with us here.

We use specially made, handblown glass cups that are more effective than the cheaper cups commonly available.